Domain Club Registration

Domain Club

  • 1. How to Apply

    Upon the purchase of HK$100 or more at the mall in a single day (maximum of 2 same day machine-printed receipts), you can become a Domain Club member with instant issuance of the Domain Club Card by simply filling out the application form.

    Every dollar you spend at the mall can earn you Domain Club Points to redeem an array of fabulous gifts!

    Customer Care Center, Atrium, G/F
    Service Hour:
    09:00am to 10:00pm
    Enquiry Hotline:
    (852) 2870 2660
  • 2. Domain Club Point Scheme

    Whenever you spend at Domain, you can redeem Domain Club Points at Domain Customer Care Centre with sales receipt within two days (date of receipt is the first day) to redeem Domain Club Points*. You can earn 1 Domain Club Point for every HK$1 you spend at Domain, with a daily limit of 20,000 Domain Club Points per Member. Accumulated Domain Club Points have an expiration date.

    *Bonus Points Registration Notes:
    - Effective from 7 April 2014, a minimum spending of HK$100 for each receipt is required for Domain Club Bonus Point registration.
    - Members must present their Domain Club Card when redeeming Domain Club Points.

  • 3. Domain Club Gift Redemption Plan

    Tableware (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Towel (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Noodle (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Pocky Sticks (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Cold Cup (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Ice Cushion (1pc)
    2,000 Points
    Sealing Clip (1pc)
    3,000 Points
    Cardholder (1pc)
    9,000 Points
    Disney Emoji (2pcs)
    9,000 Points
    Yves Rocher Shower Gel (1pc)
    9,000 Points
    Happiplayground Panda Water Bottle (1pc)
    9,000 Points
    Domain Thermos Bottle (1pc)
    10,000 Points
    Travel Bag (1pc)
    12,000 Points
    Card holder wallet (1pc)
    16,000 Points
    Redemption start on 7/8
    Hello Kitty Toys (1pc)
    16,000 Points
    Kamen Rider Mini-car (1pc)
    16,000 Points
    $50 Shop Coupon (1pc)
    16,000 Points
    Umbrella (1pc)
    16,000 Points
  • 4. Domain Club Terms & Conditions

    Domain Club Gift Redemption Plan Terms & Conditions

    1. Domain Club Members must present their Domain Club Card to redeem rewards at the Domain Customer Care Centre in person.
    2. Each member can redeem points for a maximum of two items per month.
    3. Members should inspect the gift before redemption procedure is completed. All gifts are not returnable or exchangeable. Domain is not responsible for the quality and function of gift.
    4. The availability of rewards is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and is a limited offer, while supplies last.
    5. Domain Club Points and gifts or rewards cannot be exchanged to cash.
    6. The rewards and gift items may be updated periodically without prior notice.
    7. All photos and information about the gifts are for reference only
    8. For the Terms and Conditions of coupons offered by Participating Merchants, please refer to the details stated on the coupons.
    9. In case of dispute, Domain reserves the right of final decision on all matters.
    10. Domain Club Points and rewards redemptions are subject to related Terms and Conditions; for details please refer to posters at Domain.

    Domain Club Terms & Conditions

    1.       Customers spending a minimum of HK$100 or more (maximum 2 same-day sales receipts) in any single day at Domain Mall are eligible to become a Domain Club member and receive a Domain Club Card, free of charge, by filling out a registration form.
    2.       Each member is entitled to have ONE Domain Club Card only.
    3.       Members must present their Domain Club Card and sales receipt within two days of the purchase (date on receipt is considered as the first day) to register Domain Club Points. Receipt that is/are not registered within two days of purchase will be regarded as invalid.
    4.       Only sales receipts with a spending amount of HK$100 or above are eligible for Domain Club Point registration. For spending amounts HK$200 or above, only electronic payment (credit card, EPS, Octopus card) receipts are eligible for point registration (except for Food Republic merchants). Members should present the machine-printed sales slip and the electronic payment slip for point registration.
    5.       Members presenting electronic payment receipts without any signature may be required to present the corresponding credit card, EPS card or Octopus card for verification. Only receipts matching the card information are eligible for point registration.
    6.       Each valid sales receipt is eligible for registration of Domain Club Points only once. Registered sales receipt for Domain Club Point or gifts redemption will not be accepted.
    7.       Registered sales receipt for special promotion or festive gift items will not be accepted.
    8.       A valid sales receipt must be a machine-printed receipt and contain the name of the merchant, transaction date and amount of the transaction. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted.
    9.       A maximum of 10 sales receipts will be processed for each transaction of point registration.
    10.    Members must present the original sales receipt for point registration. Revised, re-printed or copied receipts are not accepted.
    11.    All valid receipts will be stamped and scanned/copied for internal record. In case of any dispute relating to the validity of receipts, Customer Service Officer reserves all rights to make the final decision. If a member refuses or fails to provide sufficient information for verification, such receipt may be regarded as invalid.
    12.    Members are not allowed to register Domain Club Points with sales receipts owned by another person. Customer Service Officer may request members to authenticate their identities.
    13.    Receipts of purchases or transactions at banks, purchases of any gift vouchers/cash vouchers, add-value or payment services (excluding tuition fee), purchases of Octopus cards, phone bills, pager bills and receipt from the exhibition booth are not eligible for member application and point registration.
    14.    Only the actual payment amount on a deposit receipt will be eligible for point registration.
    15.    The Domain Club Card and Domain Club Points are non-transferable.
    16.    A member can earn 1 Domain Club Point for every HK$1.00 he/she spends in a transaction at a Participating Merchant at Domain Mall. The spending amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar for Domain Club Point calculation.
    17.    Domain Club Members can enjoy the Triple Bonus Points offer for their spending at Domain on their birthday (as per the date stated on the receipt). This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other Domain Club offers
    18.    To enjoy privileges offered by Participating Merchants, members must present their Domain Club Card before payment. Participating Merchants reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Domain Mall is not responsible for any losses caused by disputes between a member and a Participating Merchant.
    19.    Domain Mall is not responsible for the Terms and Conditions applied by Participating Merchant. All Terms and Conditions are subject to final confirmation by Participating Merchant.
    20.    Members may be requested to show proof of their identity for verification of membership information upon staff request for gift redemption.
    21.    Members should inspect the gift before the redemption procedure is completed. All gifts are not returnable or exchangeable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. Domain Mall is not responsible for the quality and function of gifts.
    22.    In any cases (Include Birthday offer and Double bonus point offer), each member can redeem points for a maximum of 2 items per gift in a month and he/she can earn Domain Club Points with a daily limit of 20,000 Domain Club Points per member.
    23.    The availability of rewards is on a first-come first-served basis and offers stand while supplies last. The rewards offered will be updated periodically without any prior notice.
    24.    Accumulated Domain Club Points are valid from 1 April of the current year to 31 March of the following year. All overdue Domain Club Points will expire and will not be accepted for any redemption.
    25.    Application for replacement of Domain Club Card should be made in-person at the Ground Floor Customer Care Center. A handling fee of HK$20 will be charged for issuance of each new Card.
    26.    Members should keep his/her own Domain Club Card in good condition. Damage or alteration to the Card is not allowed. Otherwise, the member must replace his/her Card and pay an administration fee of HK$20.
    27.    Information of the new Card will be retrieved from the record in Domain Club Card member database.
    28.    Domain Mall reserves the right to use photos or videos featuring members for promotional activities.
    29.    If the member breaches any Terms or Conditions or Domain Mall has reasonable ground to believe that the member has breached any Terms or Conditions, Domain Mall reserves all rights to suspend or terminate the member’s membership and lodge a claim for compensation from the member of any losses suffered by Domain Mall or Participating Merchants arising from the breach of Terms and Conditions by the member.
    30.    Domain Mall reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of use, Domain Club Point conversion and redemption of Domain Club Card without any prior notice.
    31.    Domain Mall collects and holds personal data for the purpose of providing regular updates on Domain Club Card member privileges and Domain Mall merchant/product/service offers that may be of interest to the Applicant. The Applicant may, at any time, choose not to receive email marketing information from Domain Mall by sending an email to
    32.    If there are discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.