Summer Fun Tropical Rainforest Campaign
Happy New Year 2020
Christmas 2019
Summer Green Farm 2019
TVB event - FBI
Mother's Day 2019
Domain photo contest 2019 prize presentation
Chinese New Year 2019
TVB event - Come Home Love
TVB event - Wife Interrupted
Happy New Year 2019
Christmas 2018
TVB event - OMG, Your Honour
TVB event - Good Doctor
TVB event - Life on the Line
Mid-Autumn Festival 2018
TVB event - Special Man
TVB event - Baby Coming
Domain Soccer Fever 2018
TVB event - Deep In The Realm Of Conscience
Mother's Day 2018
2018 CNY Promotion
Domain photo contest 2018 prize presentation
Movie promotion - A beautiful moment
TVB event The Forgotten Valley
TVB Promotion - CNY Shopping List
2017 Christmas Promotion
Community Farm 2017
Quiz Competition 2017
TVB Promotion - The Ultimate Street Sorcerer
TVB Promotion - September 10
TVB Promotion - The Unholy Alliance
TVB Promotion - Spy in the wild
TVB Promotion - Big Big Channel
TVB Promotion - The Legend of the Condor Heroes
Mother's Day 2017
TVB event - The No No Girl
Easter Event Highlights 2017
2017 CNY Promotion
TVB Promotion - Burning Hands
Happy New Year 2017
Christmas 2016
TVB Promotion - Recipes To Live By
TVB Promotion - Brother's Keeper II
TVB Promotion - My Lover From The Planet Meow
TVB Promotion - Law dis-Order
Summer Event 2016
HealthBank Event 2016
TVB Promotion - Mr. HK 2016
TVB Promotion - Street Sorcerers
TVB Promotion - Between Love & Desire
TVB Promotion - Olympic Games Rio 2016
TVB Promotion - Presumed Accidents
Mother's Day 2016
TVB Promotion - My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan
Domain Easter Event 2016
Domain Easter Event 2016
Domain New Year Event 2016
Domain New Year Event 2016
TVB Promotion - Executioner
TVB Promotion - Wu Xin the Monster Killer
Domain Christmas Event 2015
TVB Promotion - Good Cheap Eats
Safety Quiz Competition 2015
TVB Promotion - With or Without You
TVB Promotion - Lord of Shanghai
Yan Chai Hospital Cookies Bazaar Day
Domain Halloween Event 2015
Domain Halloween Event
TVB Promotion - "TVB Weekly" Trade Fair
Domain Mid-Autumn Festival Event 2015
Canon Hongkong & HKIED Inspired Visual Arts Curriculum and Ceremony
TVB Promotion - The Fixer
Summer GOGOGO 2015
TVB Promotion - The Million Dollar Minute
TVB Promotion - Ghost Of Relativity
TVB Promotion - Come Home Love
Travel Recruitment Day
King of The Hill Darts Game and Ceremony
2015 "Commodities and Health Plan" Home · Warm Start Ceremony
Primary School Robot Competition 2015
Father's Day Promotion 2015
TVB Promotion - Wudang Rules
Voter Registration and Elections 2015
25th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Basic Law Exhibition
2015 Hong Kong Safety Mark License
Graffiti Art Exhibition 2015
Mother's Day Event 2015
2014/15 Copyright Education Closing Ceremony
TVB Promotion - Romantic Repertoire
Science Carnival 2015
2014-2015 "Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme" and "Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme"
Domain Pretty Rhythm Event 2015
UHA Football 2015
UHA Football
HSBC MPF Service Counter 2015
Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter Scheme 2015
TVB Promotion - Young Charioteers
ERB Day 2015
AIA Promotion Day 2015
"Eye For Fun" Charity Drawing 2015
Estate Management Services Contractors Awards 2014
Honda Car Show 2015
Successful Quitters’ Sharing
Famous Brands Asia 2014 Awards Ceremony
EPD Exhibition 2015
Festivity Chinese New Year Sales 2015
Chinese New Year of Goat 2015
LCSD Kowloon Youth Strings Orchestra performances
Microsoft Lumia Roadshow 2015
Winter Trade Fair 2015
RTHK Roadshow 2015
HKT Roadshow 2014
Student Creative Workshop 2014
Snowy Winter Performance 2014
Open Plaza Carnival 2014
TVB Promotion - 24:Live Another Day
TVB Promotion - Tiger Cubs 2
Mickey Birthday Party 2014
TVB Weekly Joyful Living Carnival
Yan Chai Hospital Cookies Bazaar Day 2014
Halloween Teddy & Ruff 2014
Halloween 2014
TVB Promotion - Come on, Cousin
Young Star 2014 Hong Kong Youth Darts Competition
Oxfam “Home for Dinner”
Love Your Heart In Action 2014
Planning for Longer-Term Sustainable Development 2014-15 Outreach Programme
The Capacity Building Mileage Programme Promotion Event
Press Conference - The large amount of people play sign language song together
Nature Touch Activity 2014
Panasonic Ninki Denki Fair 2014
Music & Life
Green Future Fun Fair
Warehouse 2014 Youth Dance Competition
Kwun Tong District 2014 Youth Talent Extravaganza cum Outstanding Volunteer Awards Ceremony
Kwon-Glazed Porcelain Exhibition and Workshops
Po Leung Kuk Charity Lotteries Ceremony
Shadow Play Event
TVB Promotion - Come Home Love 2014
Mid Autumn Festival Shopping 2014
Cookware Show 2014
TVB Rear Mirror Event
Toyota Car Show 2014
Weekend Fun 2014
Dinosaur event 2014
Organic Day 2014
Music & Life
Now TV Promotion - HBO Smurf 2
Summer Boat 2014
Creative Hong Kong Exhibition 2014
Dunn's Education Competition 2014
DSE Event 2014
Parsons Music Sharing 2014
TVB - Storytelling Competition 2014
Quit to win 2014
Domain World Cup 2014
Bandai battle spirits
Parsons Wind Orchestra 2014
Disney's World in English is Fun
Travel Agency Job Fair 2014
World Cup 2014
Skipping to happiness Day 2014
TVB Event - Never Dance Alone
TVB Promotion - The Ultimate Addiction
TVB TVC Awards 2014
Kwun Tong School Basic Law Awards Ceremony 2014
TVB Promotion - M Club
Youth Job Expo 2014
Mother's Day Beatbox event 2014
Mother's Day 2014
TVB Promotion - Journey to the West
Music & Life @Domain
Domain Easter Event 2014
Domain Fun 2014
Making Informed Decisions for Your MPF Life 2014
PCCW Eye Drawing 2014
Chinese New Year Citrus Plants Replanting Scheme 2014
Battle Spirits Asia Cup
Double Valentine's Day @Domain
Domain Celebrates the Year of Horse with Adorable Shetland Ponies and Popular Stars
TVB Promotion - Outbound Love
TVB Promotion - To Woo A Dame
Boxing Date Event at Domain
The New Year's day event at Domain
TVB Promotion - The Hippocratic Crush II
TVB Promotion - Return of the Silver Tongue
Hong Kong Dance Festival 2013
Enzo coloring competition award ceremony
Total Quality Parenting Institute Joint School Performance 2013
Shenzhen Airport (East Kowloon) Terminal and East Kowloon Express Launch Ceremony
Chiu Chow Festival Opening Ceremony
3D Mid Autumn Day Decorations at Domain
Hong Kong Basic Law Ambassador Training Scheme
Consumer Educational Event 2012
Hong Kong Housing Authority Ceremony for Certification of ISO 14001 cum Promotion of Green Living
Basic Law Exhibition 2013
Samsung GALAXY Studio
Empero Group Singing Competition 2013 Press Conference
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong Elementary School Students Photo Competition Award Presentation
PARSONS MUSIC Student Concert
Elementary School Robotic Competition
Amazing Summer at Domain 2013
Hong Kong Phoenix Charitable Foundation Talent Competition
Charitable Event for Cancer Patients
JohnChen Ensemble "DIY Improvisation" Community Concert
SKH Kindly Light Church Holy Carpenter Kindergarden 40th Anniversary Celebration
Get in Volunteer 2013 by Junior Chamber International Lion Rock
Once Upon A Time in Yau Tong Exhibition Talk
JumpinGym USA Children Foundation Event
Mother's Day 2013
Parent's Academic of Self-actualization Carnival 2013
Po Leung Kuk Chinese Opera Event 2013
The Hong Kong Brain Foundation Event 2013
Easter Celebration Highlight 2013
Easter [Star Egg] Workshop Highlight
Highlights of Chinese New Year Celebrations at Domain
Recap of Year-end Territory-wide Cleaning Campaign cum Award Presentation Ceremony for Cleaning Ambassador in PRH Estate@Domain
Domain Happy Icon Show@Happy X’mas at Domain
Happy X’mas 2012 (Day 2)
Happy X’mas 2012 (Day 1)